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Current Show

Siler's "Banana" 3.25"x15" oil/paper
 Invitational 2015

Our Choices of Artists to Watch 

Kathy Craig believes that if you’re going to be an abstract painter “you have to be willing to think about yourself a lot. Having to do without other subject matter, you must accept and encourage your own habits, good and bad.  Also, your feelings about what you are looking at, that is, the square of linen you hope will look good when you are done with it.”  Craig lives and paints in rural Virginia and travels to Nova Scotia each summer to paint. She received an M.F.A. from Warren Wilson College and a B.A. from Oberlin College. She studied at Maryland Institute College of Art, University of Virginia, the New York Studio School and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. 

John Folchi lives in Bronx, New York, and paints scenes in and around the city of New York and along the Hudson River. His figures in an urban situation are represented in natural action with a “snapshot” feel. The architectural subjects of fire escapes and water towers reveal his interest in abstract form, geometric simplicity and special complexity.  His cloudscape series is a response to a more romantic defused subject where soft forms and color fields melt into each other. The unifying factor of the different subjects is Folchi’s concern with light and its ability to define various emotional states, whether it is sharp and direct as in his urban paintings or soft and defused as in his landscape and cloud paintings.

Daniel McClendon graduated from Western Michigan University with his BFA with an emphasis in painting realism. Shortly after graduating he relocated to Asheville, NC, where he maintained this focus on realism and began painting full time. This continued until one day he came to the belief that his work was “fraudulent” due to the lack of a true and honest voice. He decided to quit painting and figure out how to fulfill his desire to create while also being a productive member of society. During this hiatus, his focus inherently came back to painting and the important themes in his life. And, unexpectedly, on March 21st, 2011 at 3:59 A.M. he had an epiphany. He rolled out of bed and wrote down an idea and plan of action for how to achieve an “honest” form of painting. Daniel’s work focuses on the beauty of impulsive action when creating.


Since beginning painting in the early 1990s Greg Siler has been drawn to abstraction as well as representational work. His earliest paintings were typically figures in interior spaces done from direct observation. In 1999 his work became much more abstract. He continued to work with the figure but in combination with practices that kept the final image unforeseen and asserted the physical reality of the painting and physical gesture to a greater degree. For many years since, He has been captivated by the notion of maintaining a provisional quality within the work.


The paintings included in this exhibition were painted directly from life while others from drawings and/or photographs.  "There are some that were guided mostly by memory and process as they are rooted in a particular state of mind and an intuitive handling of formal and material elements. It might be true that I operate according to the thought that regardless of whether or not a work has recognizable imagery, all painting is somehow about both the seen and the felt (both words intended in the sense of perceived physical reality, not emotional response). Informing all of my work are thoughts on the human body, the self, sexuality, and what I only know to call inner experience, or immediacy," says Siler.


David Padworny was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania.  He studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland where he received a BFA degree.  He currently lives and works as an artist in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.  Padworny credits several people who, over the course of his life, contributed art supplies, their time, and their talents to teach him the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Even at his young age he has seen his work added to private and corporate collections as well as those of a few museums.  Padworny has perfected an unusual technique that he uses in the creation of his paintings.  He uses a caulking gun filled with oil paint to apply the excessively heavy layers of oil paint.  The results art breathtaking.



Exhibition Catalogue: 




Siler's "On the Couch" 21"x15" oil/canvas
Siler's "Beach Walker" 15.5" x 11" oil/paper
Siler's "Night Window" 20"x15" oil/canvas
Siler's "Recalling a Still Life II" 13.75"x21" oil/paper
Siler's "Warehouse II" 30"x22" oil/canvas
Siler's "Recalling a Still Life III" 6"x11.5" mixed media
Siler's "Two Small Tomatoes" 10"x11" oil/canvas
Siler's "Warehouse" 20"x22" oil/canvas
Siler's "Nude in Tub II" 13"x15" oil/canvas
Padworny's "Untitled Q565" 34"x24" oil/canvas
Padworny's "Untitled Q562" 20"x16" oil/canvas
Padworny's "Untitled M921" 30"x24" oil/canvas
Padworny's "Untitled M919" 20"x16" oil/canvas
Padworny's "Untitled Q566" 24"x48" oil/canvas
Craig's "Beach Towel with Two-Piece and Lemons" 24"x30" oil/canvas
Craig's "First Family Bright" 24"x36" oil/canvas
Craig's "Butter Jar" 24"x18" oil/canvas
Craig's "Bouquet" 40"x30" oil/canvas
Craig's "This Makes It" 24"x30" oil/canvas
McClendon's "Panda" 48"x30" oil/panel
McClendon's "Hornbill" 36"x24" oil/panel
McClendon's "Boar" 24"x24" oil/panel
McClendon's Chimpanzee" 40"x30" oil/panel
McClendon's "Flightless Cormorant" 42"x24" oil/panel
McClendon's "Camel" 48"x36" oil/panel
Folchi"s "Bus Stop I" 40"x30" oil/canvas
Folchi's "Bus Stop II" 40"x30" oil/canvas
Folchi's "Water Tower 6" 16"x20" oil/canvas
Folchi's "Fire Escape 13" 18"x26" oil/canvas
Folchi's "Cloudscape 7" 20"x16" oil/canvas
Folchi's "Path to the River" 40"x40" oil/canvas
Folchi's "Push Cart" 26"x22" oil/canvas
Folchi's "Fire Escape 14" 20"x24" oil/canvas
Folchi's "Cloudscape 3" 20"x16" oil/canvas
Folchi's "By the Hudson" 40"x40" oil/canvas
Folchi's "Marshlands" 26"x40" oil/paper